Immortal Blood

   I open my eyes. Who am I? Where am I? What am I? I close my eyes again, I try to remember, why is it so hard? A word comes to my mind, a name. Aneva. Is it my name? Yes, I think it is. What a strange name. So I know who I am, now, the second question, where am I? I open my eyes again, I see the ground below me. Below me? I look up and I see the roof, my feet are there, as if I was just standing on the floor but the wrong way around.

   I look down again, I can see humans with yellow hats working like busy little ants. Humans? What does that make me then? I suddenly realise that I am high up, really high up.

   "Whoa!" I say as I am suddenly taken by vertigo. What is that again? Oh, yeah, fear of heights. I close my eyes and I breath in deeply, then breathe out. In, out, in, out. I keep doing that and slowly my fear goes away.

   I slowly open my eyes again. It looks like I'm in a factory, or a building site. I decide it's a building site for a factory, there, every body's happy. I look around for a window, to see what time of the day it is. There aren't any, there's just wall.  I want to cry out in frustration but I can't or the humans will notice.

   Suddenly a bell rings. I hear the workers cheer and they all slowly go out of the big room. I wait until they're all gone to try anything. Finally the last worker closes the door behind him and I hear the rattle of a key turning in the lock. How can I hear that? The man is probably about twenty meters below me.

   I look up to my feets again, right, I have to get out of here. At least get down to the ground, I'll feel safer to work out what I am. I lift my foot up half expecting to fall to the ground but I don't. I laugh out loud and, inexplicably, my foot still holding on on the roof lets go and I find myself falling through the air.

   Everything happened fast afterwards. Something moved in my back and I glided a few seconds in the air before falling again. But whatever had happened had stopped me from dying as I fell from a smaller distance.

   I stood up and shook myself. I felt something fold behind my back. I shiver and turn around, nothing. I turn back around again, nothing there either. I slowly touched my back with my hands and I felt something. I felt something unfold and, as I looked next to me, I saw a big, leathery wing. It was like a bat's wing and I had a bad feeling about it. I willed it to move and it did. I felt something weird in my back as it moved, it was like having a third arm but instead it was a win, well, a pair of wing to be more exact. I moved it forward and it folded slightly towards my outstreched hand.

  "I see you've already discovered you have wings." a voice said from behind me.

   I spun around, accidentally smacking them with my newly acquired wings.

   "Whoa! You want to be careful with that!" the voice said.

   "Sorry" I said as I folded my wings behind my back.

   "I understand why they got you, you're really pretty!" said the voice which was 14-years old boy with blond hair and blue eyes. I blushed, no one had ever called me pretty before. Then I frowned, how did I know that?

   "Memories causing trouble? Don't worry, it'll pass." he said shruggin as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

   "Who are you?" I ask. "Who am I?" I then add.

   "Name's Horus." he said holding out his out, I shake it.

   "I'm Aneva, I think." I answer.

   "It is from now on, it's the name they chose for you."

   "Who did?"

   "The Coucil of Vampires."

The End

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