A run-in with Cadence

Desiree stepped back into her hut, trying not to think much of what Nahum had said. A fresh pair of eyes? Did he mean Dimitra? Why had she made him look at things differently?

Without really thinking of why, Desiree  began to pack a small bag. In it she put some clothes, a pair of simple hair clips given to her by her parents, her sandals, her jacket. She left the bag under her hammock, then made her way down to the party to dance.

Desiree thought nothing more of the bag she had packed, she simply danced with whoever caught her fancy. Some of the people she danced with, she could barely remember their names. Older generations or the newest ones, it didn't matter because they all had eternity.

Late into the night, when the nights were burning low, Desiree was about to leave when she once again ran into Cadence.

"Desiree!" Cadence's smile was beautiful. "How is your evening?"

"The same as always." Desiree smiled back. "Did you dance tonight, Cadence?"

Cadence smile grew bigger and she shook her head. "I would rather see the shining stars of the newest generation enjoy themselves. You look beautiful tonight."

"Thank you." Desiree  was used to Cadence's flattery by now. 

Cadence was a member of the first generation of immortals, born over a thousand years ago. Shortly after seeing Desiree's first debate, she had taken interest in Desiree and tried to guide her into the life of a philosopher, and had kept in contact with her no matter what.

Desiree thought for a moment about telling her about the meeting with Seth, the conversations with Dimitra and Nahum, but quickly decided against it. Cadence was intelligent, a brilliant philosopher and kind soul, but she would never understand. She was happy on the Island and did not need that happiness tainted by doubts.

"Are you on your way back?" Desiree gestured to the path most members of the first generation took to get home.

Cadence smiled and shook her head again. "I have somewhere else to be tonight. I'll see you tomorrow at the debate dome."

Desiree didn't ask questions, only said her goodbyes and then went back up the path she had taken down, slipping inside her hut and collapsing into her hammock. Sleep came quickly, and Desiree was grateful for it.

The End

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