Flashback: Life

A long time before Desiree was shot:

"Therefore, I can see no reason for this debate to continue. Stretching to those limits to save an invalid argument only proves that you lost long before we got to this point."

Desiree pronounced her final statement with ease, looking her opponent straight in the eye as light applause formed in the background. This was always her favorite moment during debates. Whether she won or lost, she always made sure to look at her opponent, to make them understand that she was their equal.

The man she had been debating, Adam, was a philosophy lover and mentor to many of Desiree's previous opponents. She had been waiting quite a while for this debate to happen, because his students always had trouble throwing out arguments once they became useless. Now she understood why: pure stubbornness passed down from a respected teacher to very eager-to-please students. 

As she moved to leave the debate dome, she was approached by a familiar face. 

"Desiree, you never cease to amaze me!" Cadence, one of Desiree's many would-be mentors, smiled and put an arm around Desiree's shoulders. "We've been waiting for a long time for someone to get past Adam's persistence."

"It was a minor challenge. I had heard before that he doesn't like losing." Desiree replied.

"Yes that's true." Cadence smiled. "You'll be a very sought-after mentor for the future generations."

"Thank you." Desiree gave a polite smile back before taking her coat from a nearby hook, which was carved into a tree, and leaving the debate dome.

She walked causally down the short but steep hill on which the dome rested and made her way through a forest, turning back to look at the ancient building where philosophers met, which was domed and had a large rectangular window on one side to let in the light.

Though she could have chosen any path in life, Desiree had chosen to become a student of philosophy rather than any of the other occupations presented at adulthood. Aside from philosophers,  there were fishermen, agriculturalists, musicians, astronomers, builders, teachers, and caretakers of the Island.

The Island was a sanctuary, full of trees and beautiful. Random bolts of light shot down from above through a thick canopy of green. Large tents or old buildings were used as different kinds of gathering places, such as Desiree's beloved debate dome. Clearings and open spaces were used for farming and agriculture. 

And down in the center of the Island, overlooking the beach, was the Meeting Place. At night, Desiree and her people gathered there to dance to the beautiful music made by the Island's musicians.

However, it was only noon right now. During the afternoon, everyone on the Island worked. Fishing, farming, fixing or mending things, and minding children so their caregivers and teachers could rest.

Desiree walked down past the meeting place and onto the beach to help with the fishing. She always made sure to come down right away so that she could swim, inspecting where the fish gathered and planting bits of food to trap them. Then, she would go onto a small boat to help pull in fish who took the bait in small nets.

On the Island, the people took only what they needed and took great care of their home, because they would have it forever and always. They were, after all, immortal. 

No one among Desiree and her people were bound by time or age. They existed in peace together on their Island home, the perfect sanctuary for an eternal people.

The End

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