Desiree, a relatively young woman among a race of immortals, lives on a large island secluded from the rest of a post-war-stricken world. When she chosses to leave the island along with a small, ragtag group of her fellows, she discovers that her home is not the place she thought it was.

The gathering crowd began to riot, crying for death, and Desiree knew she had to act fast if she were to set them straight.

"Kill him! Make him pay!" They screamed. Two men pushed Aaron to the front of the crowd, where a woman with a rifle was waiting.

"Out of my way!" Desiree broke through the throng of people and pushed Aaron out of harm's way, feeling a sweet moment of relief. They could escape before the woman reloaded her rifle.

As Desiree caught Aaron's eye, a bolt of pain unlike anything she could have imagined shot through her chest, and she fell, the screams of her friends echoing in her ears as her vision faded to black.


"Hang on!"

"We're not going to lose you, Des."

I'm sorry. Desiree tried to say. I'm so sorry.

The End

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