As i sat there remember what started this war those many millenia ago, i hear a swish behind me. I spin around to face a tall mixed man with freckles and green eye that swayed as if flowing with the wind. He swung his arm and as i ducked it, it slammed into a tree behind me. Crippling it and causing it to topple over onto another big fir behind it. I raced off into the trees trying to flee but the man was fast, but then out of nowhere an giant rock was flung through the trees crashing into the trunk of a spruce and toppling it into my way. I sailed over the fallen tree with a light and looked back to notice my pursuer had vanished. As i turned around, out of the corner of my eye i noticed movement and a split second later another rock the size of a baseball was flung to my feet and i tripped. As i fell i felt a force exert itself onto my chest and lift me up to the top of a tree over a hundred feet high. Then the force was gone. As i free fell i caught a tree branch and twisted nyself into a direction and flung myself into the brush of a nearby tree and started to hop from limb to limb. As i touched ground i started to run towards a the water source and as i leaped the river i looked downa and the water churned. Then shot up at me and avalanched my side into a rock wall then a short tanned man with eyes as blue as the ocean itselfs arised out of the water. Completely dry. I looked at him with a sour expression and sprinted off towards the woods to my left. Then i looked up and saw the sky darken, then a lightning blot striked the earth rattling me and shooting me backwards into the trees. As I was thrown through thick old trees as a rock through paper i slowly gained my footing. As i looked around i notices a perfect circle with me at the epicenter. then four figures were at my north,south,east, and west flanks. Looking around i noticed the blue eyed, tanned man, and the green eyed mixed man at my north and east flanks. They must be the water and wind i had trouble with. Then i looked and saw the other two. One tall with a pale complection with yellowish eyes the color of striking lightning and the other a fairly tanned male with black slick hair and eyes brown that looked as sturdy as the earth beneath his feet. The earth thrown at me from the shadows must have been the slick haired fellow and the lightning strike must have been the pale one. Four of them. One of me. I smile smugly and beging to speak. "Come on dont make me wait forever." Then the earth around my feet held me in place and as i turned to to look at the slick haired fellow i glanced movement out of the corner of my eye. The mixed man had moved to my right gathering wind into the shape of a blade, while the pale complected man controlled ligthning in  his hands with lethal force. Then they jolted towards me. I smiled and leaped into the air and they collided into one another. The wind blasting into the plae man and the lightning jolting the mixed man as they scream in agony  and fall to the ground at each others feet. Just then the tan man and the slick haired man sprang into action both willing the earth into the air to stop me from below while the other used the water above to sandwhich me in between another. Just as the earth slammed into me i swung my arm and grabbed a hole in the earth and swung myself into the the slick haired one as the water smashed the earth crushing it to pieces. I then kicked a piece of earth at the tan man and hit  him aside the head knocking him out. As i stand there and smile at the four men lying around me, i smiled. " well then trainings over for today " i say as the four men look up at me and have grim looks on their faces "yes master" they all reply.


The End

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