the story of a boy who was sired by an powerful an ancient being. the being had immense strength and willed all elements of value of his ability and limits. the beng is seen as a hero and a god until his fifth and final child was born. after the birth of the boy the skies turn dark and the being is not the hero is the scourge of humanity

have you ever wondered why things were even created in the first place? how people can say it is a person not even i nor any of my kin have seen our entire existence? i often look at the skies wondering how i could even come into existence. born under a hero of the earth all of whom worshipped and how on the day of my birth, he turned against the world. the mos powerful being on his planet just upped and went rogue killing his brother elements. they who have fought by his side in multiple battles and ruled beside him for millenia. they all of course were powerful amongst many in the world. but the being was too powerful for all four of them together. the only controlled the element they mastered a result of the being limiting their power so they could not overthrow them. but the being could control all of the elements. the only thing they could do was hide their heirs to they're own powers from the turned brother so the world would still have a chance. they also managed to aquire the children of the fallen hero and had the last child of the hero saved and hidden. fifteen years later he found his forogtten children. his youngest was spending the day with his true love. the immortal being soon found the elders siblings and had a brief discussion. they all calmly listened, knowing that that they could not defeat the being by themselves. they had to wait for the child of prophecy to be announced. the prophecy fortold by a weary traveler coming thru the immortals presence after he turned. in front of all so they may here. the traveler spoke andsaid " although a wonderous hero has been lost another shall arise.this child will be of the same blood and be as powerful as his father was and shall be the new immortal for all to worship. he will suffer a loss of true love,then endure a love unforeseen, a love unspoken of, and be returned a love once forgotten. only then will he gain the power neccesary to defeat he who has caused him so much pain and will either save the world or watch it raze." then the man fell and died at the feet of the dark immortal being. then the quickest of all the wind sibling rushed out of the dor while water,lightning,and earth all tackled the being in hopes of slowing him down enough so their sister could get the boy to safety. the earth crumbled around the being, the ligthning crackled round him and the water evaporated as he fougth all three of them and went through them as easily as walking through water. the wind swiftly found the boy and urged him to leave. being the son of the immortal his pride was too big and he challenged the dark immortal. he had more power then his siblings yes, but his age was nothing compared to the millenias of time his siblings had to practice and he was defeated easily. as he lay defeated the being moved in to kill his fifth and final son, as he raised the cold blackend sword that he had brandished since his first days of immortality, the love that was once his was stabbed by the blade. she slowly slid down keeping her eyes on the boy she gave her life for. the boy dragged himself toward the girl willing her not to die and that he could save her but as he pulled her into his arms, her eyes slowly faded and shut. the boys eyes welled up and tears formed. the boy screamed in agony. then a light appeared behind the boy, a light only the dark immortal could identify. he looked at the child and said "so. it is you after all." and he shown a wicked grin. then the boy disappeared and a second later was behind the immortal being, the being unable to see the boy was hit and flown across the counrty side. the boy had been granted immortality by a god he dare not believe in. so he could avenge his fallen love and stop the menace of his father. or help him bring about the end of the world.  as the two, now immortal powerful beings, fought they toppled mountains, they crushed canyons, they evaporated oceans , and they scar the landscape of what was the earth until their blades went one last time in a fury of movement lightning rippled across the sky and struck both of them and they plummeted towards the earth. the dark being,easily deafeted by his youngest and most powerful child, retreated to gather his strength. so he may fight his son again at full power still being weakened during his brothers fight. the boy was found unconscious in a town. his siblings had found him and took him back to his birthplace. and to this day he awaits his fathers return to this world so he may finally avenge his fallen love. he being the new immortal amongst the humans took teh oath to never kill anything, protect the world, and wait for the day where he would decide whether to preserve the world or destroy it. and to this day i still wait for my father. to come out of hiding and finally end this war that has been going on for 5000 years

The End

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