"Hannah!" Mary cried. She stood there, her eyes like them all: black. Her hair, too, was dark, her tone to match.

Every night, she was there. We were friends, though we had never met each other face-to-face. She told me of the rest: immortals. Those who could live forever, creatures with powers far beyond imagination... for a human. And she told me I could be one of them.

"Hannah!" she moaned. "Come. With me."

"How?" I asked, as I always did. Every night. And I would wake up before she could answer. This time I got a small piece of information.

"I'll find you today!"My eyes fluttered open.. I proceeded to toss and turn, trying to get to my dream.

I finally gave up. It was Saturday, and the sun had already left my eastern-facing window. Ordinary life had ceased to matter much to me. My family was now used to my ways. I would go through waking life in a dream.

Slow and sloth-like, I went through the day. I barely spoke, ate little, and kept my head down. About mid-afternoon, I walked to the forest for a walk, more enthusiastic than I had been since Mary started showing up in my dreams. The forest was dark, even though the sun shone brightly outside of it.


"Mary!" I cried back. I looked around, wildly. I saw a shimer, behind a tree. "Mary?"

"Hannah, come." I skipped over to the tree. I saw her, then. She wasn't like I saw her in my dreams. She was fierce- looking, her skin pale, but an expression of pure joy wreathed her. "Let's go."

She grabbed my hand, and suddenly we were no longer alone. Others surrounded us. All types of people, but they all had a few similar characteristics: dark hair and eyes, pale skin, and they all looked very joyful.

"Mary..." I whispered. "Why now, finally? Why am I here?"

"Hannah, you are special. You must help us. We are in great danger."

"Help you? You're immortal! You tell me so, all the time!"


The End

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