Strange, Stranger, and Strangest

I don’t know what made me say it. It was so far-fetched and so impossible! Stupid me, how could I even have thought that for a second? It was probably her perfume mixed with Kate’s or something. I don’t know, and shouldn’t care… shouldn’t care. But, the thing is, I do. What had happened… it seemed almost as if I’d just been thrown into a Narnia movie at an AMC theatre and nobody was watching. The movie played, but no one was there to see it. Time had just… slowed down from 100% speed, to 50%, down to 25% and the 10%, only to be completely reversed. That was strange. Even stranger was the scent that had been left there. But the strangest thing was what I’d seen. Her hair had flown up above her, her fingers emanated a bright blue nimbus, leaving trails of blazing light as they typed away furiously at an invisible keyboard. Then, the whole world was outlined in blue radiance as it swirled and spun into submission. How did that make sense?

Okay, here’s the recap.

First, Kate knew I had been lying when I’d said I didn’t have the book. Maybe it was just a wild guess and she’d gotten lucky. Or maybe she just knew I was lying. Whatever it was, I’d hesitated.

Second, when Kate had been talking to me, accusing me of lying, Elle had just touched her, and it looked as if there was a sudden current of faint blue light that drew down the length of Kate’s body. Suddenly, she’d been calm, and listened to whatever Elle said.

And the third part takes the cake.

Elle had… reversed time! How? I have no idea! Her hair had flown up, she typed away at the air with her fingers, and then, the world swirled into a vortex. When it was back to normal, we were ten seconds back in time!

A voice intruded my thoughts.

“Boys and girls of Camp Kane, my name is Ben! I shall be taking the fifteen year old groups. If there are any objections, speak now! No one at all today? Alr—”

“I object!” Buford yelled dumbly.

“Buford, you object to everything!” Ben said.

“Well, uh, I object to that too! I want to go out with… I mean go with Tara!” he gazed at her dreamily. The tall, dark skinned counsellor had wavy brown hair down to the small of her back. She wore shorts and a red T-shirt with the words ‘Camp Counsellor’ on the front. She turned to look in our group’s direction. She smiled a perfect smile. Sunlight glinted off the surface of her white teeth. Her green eyes struck into me, almost touching my soul. Bright sunbeams caught her perfectly so the she was encircled with a beautiful radiance. It was amazing. Buford sighed.

“Love struck,” I laughed quietly.

“What’d you just say punk?!”

“Don’t act like you didn’t hear me!”

“Shut up!” Buford bellowed. He raced towards me. But his racing was just about as fast as my old pet turtle with metal plates in his legs, a gas problem, and a cane on a full stomach. Nonetheless, I was still terrified. Suddenly, a violet wreath surrounded Buford. He froze in place. The wreath shifted at the same beat as Buford’s twitching eyelids. Then, his body pulsated a wave of violet through the air. Then, it returned to him, this time, three times faster. After several waves struck him, the wreath shimmered, and vanished. Buford folded to the ground.

“He fainted again?! That boy needs a doctor. He always just… faints!” Ben explained.

“You didn’t see it?” I asked.


I stared at him for a moment, and then looked around. Elle and Kate suddenly seemed very interested in the grass and the sky. “Never mind—it was probably my imagination.”

“Alright! Well, that was a cheerful moment! I’ll go and call the infirmary and then we’ll get started on some drills.”

I turned to look at Elle, then at Kate. Then I began to walk. But so did they…

The End

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