Spaghetti From Italy

            Yukiko sat on the sun part of the hammock and set the plates down on the surface, carefully she moved Emily in front of one of the plates. “Here you go.” She started eating her sandwich and blinked her dark brown eyes, looking at Emily. “You don’t like lettuce? Well, I don’t like pickles, but Mommy still puts them in there. I hate it when Mommy does it, but I still need to eat.” She sighed and stared off in the clouds, finished up the sandwich and looked down to see Emily’s plate still full. “Well that’s not good. You still need to eat silly!”

            Mrs. Furude walked outside to take the plates, finding that one of them was only empty but crumbs and she took a look at the other one, seeing the sandwich still there. “Do you still want this one Yuki?” she called out her daughter by her nickname.

            Yukiko looked up, Emily still by her side, “I already finished mine, don’t ask me, ask Emily.”

            The mother frowned and sighed, deciding it was best to play along, “Emily, do you still want this sandwich?” Yukiko would probably grow tired of the doll later on anyways, that was what she did with most of her toys.

            Yukiko giggled and put the doll’s face close to her ears and nodded, as if Emily was really tell her something, “She said it’s okay, and to tell you next time don’t put lettuce in it. She doesn’t like lettuce.”

            “Will do…” the woman sighed and shook her head, cleaning the crumbs off the hammock while watching the little girl lay on the cut soft grass, the doll on her stomach, but strangely enough, the eyes of the doll didn’t close when it was laid down. She narrowed her eyes, but shook the thought away. She watched as the clouds roll by while lying down on the hammock, and hear Yukiko’s occasional laughter and small talks to the doll. It actually seemed pretty normal for a little girl her age to be this attached to a toy she guessed since she was never a fan of dolls or other toys back then when she was Yukiko’s age. She chuckled, remembering her now deceased mother calling her a tomboy, or a ragamuffin.

            The time ticked away as the mother lay there, tired and eventually fell asleep to the pictures of the cloud and the sound of wind chimes in the air. It had been peaceful for the few good half an hour, and she got up with a yawn. It was late in the afternoon and she noticed Yukiko was inside watching television, Emily still in her lap. “Yukiko?” the mother called out as she washed the dishes. “What do you want for dinner?”

            “Spaghetti.” Yukiko called out, a little dazed by the flashing pictures on the TV screen. “Emily wants spaghetti. She’s homesick. She says she wants to go back to Italy.”

            Mrs. Furude looked up, her eyes shocked, “E-Emily is from Italy…?” she forced the question and bent down in front of the little girl. She remembered clearly that the doll was first made in Italy by a famous craftsman. “Did Emily tell you that?”

            Yukiko blinked out of her small trance and nodded, “Emily is from Italy, she told me that and the label on her dress says ‘Italy’. Where’s Italy Mommy? Can we go there?”

            The mother looked at the white dress and the small fabricated label on the back of the dress to see it was neatly written with one word on it, ‘Italy’. She sighed in relief, “Italy is a place somewhere in the Europe, and no honey we can’t go because it’s too far away. Maybe someday.” She got up and started boiling some penne noodles. Letting the stiff noodles sit for a moment, she started dicing three tomatoes. “Do you have any homework Yuki?” although a five-year-old was a bit too young to have any serious brain-buster homework, she still asked, just to know that Yukiko was all right.

            “No,” Yuki muttered loud enough for her mother to hear in the kitchen. She started brushing Emily’s hair, not paying attention to the show on the television while she stared into Emily’s eyes. A couple of minutes later, the meal was complete the mothered entered the living room, giving Yukiko a big bowl so she and Emily could share. She looked at the screen to see Spongebob was playing and shrugged. She was never the type to watch the news, finding it overrated to be worrying over the horrible facts and truths about the everyday world when there were so many new wonderful things.

            “Do you like it?” she asked her daughter. It was a pretty simple meal to make, but also enjoyable at the same time. She had finished her serving already, but looked to see Yukiko still playing around with the penne noodles and the tomato sauce.

            “Emily likes it, but she can’t eat, not yet.” The girl told her while shoveling the fork into her mouth. “I like it too!” she said.

            The mother nodded and smiled, still a little edgy when Yukiko told her that Emily couldn’t eat yet. “Well it’s time for bed, you have school tomorrow.” She took the half finished bowl and wrapped it up, deciding to put it in the refrigerator for later and shuffled towards the bathroom where Yukiko was brushing her teeth. “Where’s the doll?”

The End

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