Emily The Doll

            Inside a girl with short hair that ended to her shoulders was staring out the window, her head leaning against the glass and her dark brown eyes emotionless. She looked at her mother from the corner of her eyes and saw the doll. “What is that?” she asked in her five-year-old voice.

            Mrs. Furude smiled, “This is a doll, I bought it just for you.” She immediately handed the girl the doll. “Do you like it Yukiko?” she hoped that Yukiko, her daughter, would like it. She should since she paid fifty dollars on it.

            Yukiko stared at it then took it off her lap and lifted it up to cover the sun. “She’s pretty,” she whispered mostly to herself and the doll. A large smiled spread on her face and the sun hit her pale skin.

            “It is huh?” the mother stopped at a traffic light. She smiled to herself, glad to see Yukiko’s smile again, it reminded her of snow angels in the winter, but of course, ‘yuki’ meant snow and the ‘ko’ at the end stood for ‘child’, making her full name, ‘snow child’.

            The girl frowned and stared at her mother, holding onto the doll closely, “‘It’ is a she.” She corrected her mother sternly. “And her name is Emily.” She brushed the doll’s synthetic ringlet hair and traced her finger over the porcelain face.

            “That’s a good name you chose for Emily.” Mrs. Furude smiled at her daughter. She parked the car in the driveway and sighed in relief while running another hand through her long onyx hair, staring at the doll, noticing that it looked actually very beautiful and elegant, something a princess would own with great pride.

            Yukiko looked at her mother with disapproval again, “No Mommy, Emily told me her name. I didn’t choose it. She told me her name!” she opened the car door and hopped out while carrying Emily.

            Mrs. Furude nodded slowly and locked the car door, opening the front door to their house. She was a single parent, and it was tough, especially looking after a child that relies her too much. Shivers still slowly crawled down her spine when Yukiko told her that the doll told her that its name was Emily. She dropped off her purse on the couch in the living room where Yukiko is already playing and putting on a hat for Emily, the doll. She could feel the doll’s stare and immediately darted towards her large bedroom. She sighed and lay down on her queen-sized bed. After a couple of minutes of silence and the occasional ticks of the clock that hung above her head, she changed out of her clothes into something more comfortable and walked out of her room, towards the kitchen to make Yukiko lunch. She noticed Yukiko was still playing with the doll, brushing its hair, fixing its hat, tracing its face, and speaking to it.

            “What Emily?” Yukiko held the doll’s face closer to her ear. “Oh, you want to eat too? Okay, I’ll tell Mommy that you want to eat too.” She nodded and got up, holding Emily close with both arms. “Mommy?”

            “Yes sweetheart?” she was making two simple sandwiches for the both of them. “Is something wrong?”

            “Emily wants to eat too.” She held out Emily towards Mrs. Furude.

            Mrs. Furude frowned but sighed, “She can have mine then.” She pushed both plates in front of the smiling Yukiko, letting out a forced smile. “Have fun…” she mumbled as Yukiko ran out towards the backyard and sat on the large hammock that was set up half in the shade, and the other half in the sun.

The End

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