Elise--Waking Up

I am so very, very tired.

The pain--I remember the pain--has has settled into a deep ache, that clings to my lower body as I struggle to shake it free and look around. My throbbing head swims as I take it in, but I can see that I am in a narrow bed. An IV drip hangs above my left arm, and there is a monitor beeping softly beside me. The bed is in a room, a small white room with no windows. The door is glass, and beyond it, I see white-clad doctors and nurses scurring by, and muffled voices. Oh.

I am in a hospital room, and I am alone. Thomas--Thomas! I glance around for him, but he doesn't seem anywhere nearby. And the baby....I take a deep breath as I remember. I just had a baby. And the baby was blue....and suddenly I am afraid.

"Miss Winters?" A young, dark woman that I had never seen before sticks her head into the room. I assume she is a nurse, but she is dressed in a pale pink sweater and white slacks. She looks so friendly, and I try to return her smile. "I'm Doctor Andrews, your specialist. How are we feeling?"

Of course. Doctor Andrews. Her name is familiar, but my mind refuses to envision her. I suppose she must have been there for the birth, but I don't remember. I'm so confused.

"Fine," I murmer. "Sore."

She smiles. "Yes. You had a baby, and there was some vaginal tearing. We sewed you up, though, and you'll be just fine. Do you feel nauseous?"

"Yes. No. The baby...is she...?"

"Your daughter is fine, Miss Winters. She's with our pediatrician, having a post-birth exam. Would you like to see her now?"

"Yes, of course. Where is my--where is Thomas? Mr. Rose?"

"Mr. Rose returned to his hotel this morning. He said we were to contact him when you woke up. Our receptionist just called to let him know."

"Did her hold her? Pastella?"

She frowns. "Yes, I think so. I'll let you rest, now, Miss Winters, and bring in a nurse to do your vitals. Then you can hold your daughter."

I sigh, and return to my pillow.

The End

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