Sometimes a man just wants what he's not supposed to have. For me, that something was Elise, Todd's daughter. Years back, when he and I first started the company, he used to keep pictures of her on his desk, and sometimes he would show them off, a proud father, to the other executives and to me. It got to be a joke between them, where every morning they'd surround Todd outside his office, and say, "Hey, how's that gorgeous little girl of yours?" And he's smile, and say, "She's just fine. More like her father every day."

A few year later, the company hit a buisness boom, and we started expanding. Todd and I were CEOs, and the department decided to hire an errand girl, part time, to bring coffee and stack papers so that our secretaries could spend more time on real work. Of course Elise, who was in high school by that time, was Todd's choice for the job, and we decided to humor him. Three times a week after school, for tips and minimum wage, she'd drop by the office and help out. She was a quiet, slight girl, but she worked dilligently and respectfully. She was just so innocent and eager to please.

One evening, a Thursday, I asked Elise to stay later than usual so that she could file the huge stack of documents piled on top of steel cabinet. When I offered to tip her generously for her time, she agreed, the innocent little thing. I sat at my desk, pretending to do paperwork, but all the while watching her little figure sort through the manila folders and shuffle papers around. Oh, she was so lovely. Desire that I had never felt before coursed through me. I loved her. I loved watching her. I wanted her.

After that, every Thursday, I would pay her to file my papers, and every week I would sit and watch her. She never seemed to notice, or mind. She was absorbed in her work, as I was absorbed in her. The arrangement suited us both, and Todd, who knew only that I had suddenly acquired a lot more filing to do in the last few weeks, never suspected a thing. Why should he? I was his best friend and buisness partner. I was married. And Elise--she was just so young.

The End

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