Imagine A Night

Imagine a nightwhere the stars shine brightly in the high sky above. They shine like the gleam in the eyes of your lover as he whispers to you, softly and sweetly. On this night, the moon hangs up in sky; clear to see on this cloudless night. Tonight, the howling wind seems to call out to you, to whisper its coolness upon your neck, to tousle your hair with its icy breath. As you stroll, the leaves of the forest rustle under your feet.

             “Crunch, crunch, crunch,” they chant as you step on them as lightly as you can while the gusts of fall air blow the ones you aren’t trampling upon around the forest floor.

             “Hoo!” cries Lady Owl, flying overhead, as if to ask whom you are to walk so casually through the usually frightening forest.

             A little mouse goes, “Squeak!” as it scampers past your toes to hide from the hungry bird.

             You approach the middle of the woods, at your destination at last, and find what you have been looking for: a lovely little lake, appearing so calm, so peaceful.

             You sit on the grass beside it and graze the surface of the water with your fingertips with one hand and remove your shoes with the other. The long blades of grass tickle your heels before you dip them into the lake. You let yourself lie back, basking in the moonlight, as the fish of the water nibble at your toes. Without making a sound yourself, you close your eyes and listen to the frogs croaking, to the crickets chirping, and to all of the wonderful sounds of the night.

             Although it may seem like your eyes have been only closed for a moment, the night has ended and the morning begun. The butterflies come out of their leaves and soar in the morning mist, flaunting their vibrant colours, whilst the owls land in their trees and give their last hoots, for it is time for their sleep to begin.







The dawn breaks as nature starts to wake up to another wondrous day.

 “Rise and shine!” the golden sun seems to say as it rises in the early blue sky, warming everything up immediately, and the robins begin to sing as they flit about, searching for the early worms, which they hope to catch and gobble up.

           Your eyes open to the beautiful morning and stretch your arms widely around yourself while the sun kisses your face as a smile spreads across it.

             “Good morning!” you crow, and the forest around you expresses its response.

             You sit up to find a duck and her family swimming up and out of the water to quack their greetings to you. The ducks waddle around you and shake off their feet, splattering you with water droplets. They quack loudly, gazing at you with their tiny black eyes, curious as to whom or what you are.

             Then a familiar voice you recognize as your mother’s bursts through the forest, and she is calling your name.

             “Coming!” you holler back, slipping your shoes back on and standing up. You say a quick goodbye to the ducks and turn and run back through the woods back home.

             The ducks start quacking after you, and for a moment you wish to go back and spend the rest of the day with them, but then the sweet aroma of freshly baked rolls wafts past your nose and your stomach rumbles, and you think that the ducks can wait until after breakfast. 

The End

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