We sped through the scrub, branches flailing, twigs crushing under my soles as the wind howled. Faster and faster, as fast as I could. Deeper and deeper into the forest. My breath was loud, I panted. I looked around and I found I was alone. I stopped. They were gone. I was safe, away from them, but lost. I called out to them but the wind stole my voice. The light darkened, the clouds covered the moon. I sniffed the ground and attempted to backtrack. I was not experienced at this, I was still young. My mother was not here to help me. The wind blew harder and the weather soon turned into a storm. I burrowed under a leafy bush and the dry leaves fell around me and blew away. Tiredness was overwhelming. I slept.

I awoke, the branches, were heavy on back. I wiggled out and began to search for food. Remembering what my mother taught me I soon found something edible. I drank from a puddle as much as I could. It was the middle of the hot season and storms were rare. I would have to find a permanent source of water soon- a river, lake, pond.  I hopped though the unfamiliar surroundings, hoping to reach the edge of the dense bush where I might find myself familiar with the landscape.

When the sun was high my feet burned on the dry clay, and I rested under a large tree. As the day wore on I noticed a small sound ─ a sound of another creature. I scanned the surroundings and in the distance I observed a glimpse of an abnormal tall, pale being. As it came closer I began to notice his features. It was hairless, a bi-ped, carrying a long stick like thing. Strange colours and markings covered where his hair should be. Another appeared. It removed something that covered his body and underneath was another strange garment. It also cast an eye over the land and then focussed on something. It raised it’s stick thing. An explosion came from the direction of organisms and again I ran and moved almost instantly. My ears pounded.

Later I began to recall the details of this foreigner and compare him to the dark skinned hunters that live by the river in strange shelters they made.

The End

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