Imagination comes to meet Reality

One, hot summer day, a 12  year old girl named Megan, had just finished cleaning the house. When her parents locked her in the basement. Apparently, her parents saw a dirty spot on the floor that she didn't clean. She was very sad. Because she was deprived from eating the whole day. She felt very lonely in the basement. Because for 12 years she has been treated like a drudge. She always thought that her parents never cared for her. Often, she makes herself happy by imagining she was just in a house full of books (she loves books), where food she likes magically appears whenever she wants it and no one there to hurt her. She didn't get to experience going to school but, she taught herself how to read and write.

After a few weeks, she was locked again in the dark basement, for she woke up 3 minutes late. She was so sad, for she had nothing to eat again. Then she suddenly thought of using her imagination to go to her "world", suddenly she saw a light and it was coming from a window, she was surprised and she thought of escaping the house for she knew no one would want her and she also wants to live a normal life ( a normal life for her is being happy and safe) .  She pushed the window open, which did not creak. She went out and sneaked on the way to the gate, for she thought that her parents might see her. When she reached the gate, she opened it and felt free until she saw that her father was just by the garden he saw the gate open, so he went outside to see who went out. She was so scared and shocked that she ran for her life, for she knew that if her father caught her, she will get beaten and will be locked in a dark room somewhere in the house and won't be able to eat for a month.

She ran to the forest, because their house was located in the countryside (there was a forest in front of their house) . She ran and ran until she knew that her father would never find her. But, she had a new problem. she doesn't know where she is now, she tried looking for a "possible lifeform" in the forest and she hoped that she wouldn't find any wild beasts. A few hours later she saw a bright light, that looked like the bright light she saw from the window, remembering the light she saw in the basement a while ago, she also remembered that she never even saw a window in the basement ever since, but she thought that maybe it was covered by boxes that were stacked and then maybe the boxes fell and that's why she saw the window. After thinking about it, she followed the bright light, and she saw a house. It looked very warm to her, so she went inside the house, hoping that the owners of the nice house will accept her.

When she went in, she was surprised to see 1 big room full of books! She was astonished. So she went inside, and it looked exactly what she imagined. And, she called out if anyone was living there and no one answered. She felt very hungry, so she thought that she was eating warm mushroom soup with mashed potatoes and chicken! A few minutes later, on the table were mushroom soup, mashed potatoes and chicken! She ate wondering where it came from.

The End

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