Fifty-First: EpilogueMature


I’m finally writing in that old ratty journal. We were supposed to use these at Ridgewood every day. I never did for obvious reasons. But now, now that all is said and done and I’m older now, I’d like to explain what happened.

After Ian died, I wondered why I didn’t. He told Alex we were connected, and if we really were that much, I should have died too. But I think the reason I didn’t means that part of Ian, the positive part of me in him, didn’t really want me to die.

How noble.

I always thought it would have been more difficult to kill a demon. I had watched these movies and shows about it, and it just seemed too easy this time. I expected someone to come with a sword and chop his head off or something. But I guess the way it happened was less painful, and that’s ironic considering he didn’t feel anything to begin with.

I found out why my mother and brother hadn’t been showing up. Of course, it was because of Ian. He wanted to keep us all in there until he was done. I was starting to wonder if I was ever getting out of there.

Tessa decided a few months ago that she didn’t like me living with my mom. They had a long time, or an argument, I don’t remember. Anyway, my mom told Tessa that she could have me, that she was so tired of all my “drama”, that she didn’t want to deal with me. She still didn’t believe everything she was told.

I’m not sure where her love went for me, but wherever it is, I don’t think it’s coming back. It’s kind of shitty that my own flesh and blood would do that to me, but it worked out for the best since I left that life behind and started a new one.

Tessa and Alex took me in. They’re getting married next year and we’re all going to move away, because staying here means remembering what happened and it’s not something any of us want.

I bet you’re curious about what happened to Cole, too, aren’t you? Well, after everything he went home, and that home turned out to be close to where Tessa and Alex want to move, so that’s good news for the two of us who are struggling with a long distance relationship.

He calls me all the time and it’s nice to have someone my own age to relate to about things. He’s coping with it well, and he’s even sat down and talked to his parents about it. They already know what he’s capable of –seeing demons and all – but they never thought it would led to any of that.

It’s hard imagining everything that happened was real and not a bad dream. But I suppose in a way it was supposed to happen like this, just so I could meet these people and they could change my life, for better and worse.

But the one thing I don’t regret through all of this is my imagination. It’s always been very strong, but I just never knew how much. Maybe I’ll write a story about my experience one day. That would be kind cool, I think.

Tessa’s staring at me. We have to go get Alex from work.

I have a feeling these pages will be filled fast. Having a new life means a lot to me, when I think about not having one at all. I think I may be somewhat glad that Ian existed, because he made me strong enough to want to live and fight anything bad that comes.

The End

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