From the depths of anger, rage, hate, and pain, he was created. Perhaps she wanted the people around her to suffer like she had, or that she wanted to get away and this was the only way. Nevertheless, here he was, standing in front of her with his hands on her cheeks, a kind gesture that should have eluded him.

Minutes ticked by and silence filled the room. Not even the guardians moved to stop him when he reached for her. But she didn’t stop him, either. She didn’t wonder why, just let him touch her. He felt warm, alive, even if that was impossible.

“You don’t have a heartbeat,” Ava said calmly, her hands twitching as they moved around his waist. “You’re not living. You’re not human. You’re a bastard.”

A cold gaze slid into his blue eyes, and then he gripped her wrists, pried them away from his body and shoved her. He watched her stumble, her head cracking against the wall. She winced and looked at him, her eyes wide.

“You’re right." His smile was eerie. “I’m all of those things. I can’t change. You can’t change me, no matter how hard you try, darling.”

Ava’s eyes narrowed and she composed herself enough to step forward and hit him again. Only this time her hand didn’t connect. Instead, it hovered inches from his face, and then it snapped at the wrist.

A piercing scream rang out and she dropped to her knees, crying into one useful hand, trying to keep herself from throwing up.

“You didn’t have to do that!” Alex shouted.

“Would you like me to break your other wrist?” Ian asked, smirking, advancing on the doctor. “I’ll have no problem doing that, you know.”


Someone spoke angrily, and it wasn’t a voice anyone recognized. Blue eyes widened and some sort of light came barreling toward Ian, knocking him away from Ava and Alex.

“What the fuck?” Ian snarled, glaring directly across the room. He knew who had done that, but he wasn’t sure how. She was supposed to be—

“You wanted to leave this place. You still can. No one is going to stop you. I’d advise you to hurry up before I send something else out at you.”

She was glowing slightly as she came forward, blonde hair wild around her face, her blue eyes slightly dilated. She turned her head toward Alex and smiled.

“Tessa,” Alex whispered, his voice thick.

“I’m fine,” she murmured. “My daughter was kind enough to let me use her powers so I could get rid of this piece of shit.” Her eyes connected with Ian’s and she smiled. Softly, she said, “I liked you better when you were just imaginary.”

There was a rumble, almost like an earthquake had shaken the hospital. But they all knew what it was. It was Ian, in the skin of a child, showing them what he was holding back. He raised his hand and sliced the air.

The floor suddenly cracked in half, splitting straight down the middle. Beds slid over to the center and crashed into one another; IVs tangled with each other, and chairs seemed to gravitate toward the middle, as though there were a giant magnet in place.

“Let’s go,” Ian hissed, rushing at Tessa. He brought her down when he slammed his shoulder into her stomach. She rolled away from him as he attacked again, and he chuckled. “Is that the best you have, Dr. Hadley? You’re not going to beat me by dodging all of my attacks.”

Before he could strike again, however, an intense pressure erupted in his wrists, and they moved on their own, into the air. Aaron appeared behind him, his own large hands wrapped around the boys arms.

His legs, though he barely noticed because he was struggling so much, were being held down by Emma and Elise. One had his right, the other, his left. Ian growled with rage, his eyes clouded by black. His teeth sharpened and he opened his mouth to scream.


Tessa’s smile faded as she came close, her hands reaching out to grip his neck, her stance ready. She leaned her head down toward his ear and whispered, “It’s only fair that we return all of the pain you bestowed upon us.”

She nodded, stepping back as Aaron effortlessly snapped both Ian’s wrists. Then Tessa touched his neck again, wrapping hands securely around it before twisting it. She was only satisfied when she heard the snap.

Ian's body dropped to the floor, broken, just like he had left them.

The End

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