He shut the phone and crouched down, his fingers sweeping the hair from her face. He smirked when she stirred. He gripped her wrist and dragged her up effortlessly, and then with peculiar tenderness, he cradled her in his arms and left through the broken window.

It doesn’t take long for Ian to get back to Ridgewood, even as he’s switched positions with Tessa several times before stepping through the automatic doors. No one seems to notice he’s there, hauling a limp body with him, and as he sets her down in an empty wheelchair by the wall, he begins to concentrate, creating another barrier.

He turns toward the infirmary and starts to walk. It was time to let Ava out.

Ian smirked as he reached the door and opens it, flicking on the lights. There is no one in here that can be physically seen, but he knows better. Walking to the spot that shimmers in the sunlight, as well as when he touches it, he moves his hand forward and connects with something.

He feels her shriek vibrate through his body, and when he delves further into his self-made barrier, he spies Ava sitting a few feet from him, green eyes wide with fear. He smiles at her and reaches to caress her cheek, astonished when she doesn’t pull away.

“Ian,” she breathed, shutting her eyes.

His smile widened, almost ruthlessly, as he gripped her and pulled her body forward. Ava came out of the barrier easily, her arms instinctively going around him. The girl rests her cheek against his chest, trying to hear his heartbeat. When silence meets her ears, she doesn’t say a word.

Just holds him tighter.

A slow, frightening smile appears on his face as he stares at the wall. He looks down at her then, tips her chin up, and kisses her. When she goes slack against him, his smile broadens.

He has her.

The End

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