Kyle glanced over his shoulder at Rain - no, at Cassandra. He fought back the urge to run to her and kiss her. He had to remind himself constantly that it was not Rain who had returned from the dead but rather his imaginary friend inhabiting her body. Pausing for a moment, he shook his head to clear it.

In a few moments, I'm either going to wake up in a mental hospital or at home, in bed.... He screwed up his eyes, desperately trying to bring himself back to consciousness. But to no avail. Kyle realized that this was happening, it was a nightmare come true.

Grief clouded his vision as memories of Rain - the real Rain - flashed through his mind. Her laugh. Her smile. Her shining blue eyes.

Kyle stole another glance over his shoulder at Cassandra, only to find that she had vanished, leaving a group of confused people from the ambulance staring at the pool of blood.

He shivered reflexively as fingers entwined with his.

"You're stuck with me, whether you like it or not," Piercing blue eyes fixed upon his, Rain's face twisted in a mask of hatred.

He wrenched his hand away from hers, returning the stare. But his rage against his imaginary friend faded to be replaced by a sadness so deep that Cassandra - for a moment - regretted her actions.

"How could you?" Kyle's voice cracked with heartache.

Cassandra stared at her feet - at Rain's feet.

"I couldn't stand to lose you. To lose me." She looked up at Kyle once more, searching his eyes for a sign that he understood.

"Well maybe it's time I grew up. I don't need my imaginary friend anymore,"

He walked away from her for the last time, leaving Cassandra alone in the middle of the park in an unfamiliar body. The area had long been abandon after the accident, worried mothers shooing away their children from the sight of the dead girl.

The same dead girl who now stood, quite alive, Cassandra's mind inhabiting the empty space where Rain had been.


The ambulance driver paused for a moment, one foot inside the vehicle.

He could have sworn he had heard a girl crying.

Shaking his head, he clambered into the driver's seat, strapping himself in.

Time to go to work.




The End

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