Crossing OverMature

Kyle knelt beside Rain, a wave of nausea and depression washing over him. Tears overwhelmed him as he held her limp body close to him, rocking back and forth. A stab of guilt touched my imaginary heart for just a moment before I threw away the feeling. I had no heart; therefore, I could not feel remorse. Or, I could at least choose whether or not to feel it. Whether or not to have a heart.


To be or not to be.


Currently, I was ‘not to be’ as Kyle put me as the farthest thought in his mind. All he cared about was her. Why did he still care? She was dead.



Then a thought came to my nonexistent mind…


If I could kill….


With one last desperate attempt, I flung myself towards Rain’s unoccupied mind, tearing my moorings to Kyle’s.


I clung to his thoughts and memories for a fleeting moment before falling into the swirling black pool of nothingness in Rain. Her body was still capable of living. But it needed a mind – a soul.

I filled the emptiness, and Rain’s eyes – my eyes – shuddered open.


This was incredible!


I could feel the slick pool of blood beneath me, the soft skin of Kyle’s arms as he held me.


“Kyle?” I croaked, taking a ragged breath through my new lips.


“Rain? How -  Why -?”


I looked up at him, placing my finger to his lips, silencing his words.


“Kyle. It’s me. It’s Cassandra,”


A look of utter repulsion crossed his face and for a second I wished I was still in his head, listening to his thoughts.


He let me fall to the ground as he stood, staring down at me in horror.


“How could you?” He hissed, rage burning in his green eyes.


“Kyle! Please! I love you!”

Kyle flinched as though I had slapped him across the face.

“I don’t love you,” He spat, turning away before I could reply.


I watched, longingly, as he walked away, sirens beginning to wail in the distance.

The ambulances meant to carry away Rain’s – my – dead body would come to quite a shock.

The End

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