Kyle paused in mid-sentence.

"What's wrong?" Rain laid her hand on his arm, gentle and comforting.

"My God," He gasped, his head falling into his hands.

I was causing havoc in his mind, ripping up his old losses and sorrows, stirring up a hailstorm of grief.

Kyle's body shuddered, his face buried in the palms of his hands. Rain watched as a few lonesome tears dripped through the spaces between his fingers.

But I didn't care. I didn't care about her. Hell, at the time, I didn't really care for Kyle even.

All I did care about was making sure he felt my pain. That he understood what I was going through.

And I did so, the only way I knew how.

Memories drifted around me, smoke on the wind in the dark recesses of his mind. Faces of the long dead - Kyle's father who had died in a car accident. His brother, MIA in Afghanistan - stared at me with unseeing eyes as they met their fate over and over again. 

I plunged my hand into an unsettling image of Rain dead and bloodied at Kyle's feet. One of his many fears was that something would happen to her.

If I so wished, I could make this fear become reality.

With every ounce of strength and sheer willpower I had left, I reached out through Kyle's emerald eyes, plunging my free hand into Rain's sapphire ones. For a moment - just a moment - I relished the sensation of another mind, someone different from the dusty cavaties of Kyle's imagination.

And then I wrenched, clawed, and bit until I could taste blood.


Kyle stood. Rain lay at his feet. Blood stained her white blouse, spilling onto the pavement beneath her. Her glassy eyes were fixated on his face, an unsaid plea frozen on her lips.

It had happened all too fast. He had begun to feel Cassandra doing something. Something deadly. She had reached out to Rain's mind and strangled it. The blood on her blouse had spilled from her mouth.

It played over and over in Kyle's mind like a broken record. Rain choking, blood frothing on her lips. Gurgling sounds bubbling up from her throat as she clutched his jacket. And then, she fell off the bench, her head cracking upon the paved path.

"You've gone way too far this time Cassandra," Kyle whispered, almost unaware of the small crowd of people gathered around Rain's body, texting or talking into cell phones frantically - why call 911 when she was already dead?

A venomous voice responded, echoing in his head until all other sounds were drowned in it.

No Kyle. You went too far. You fell in love....

The End

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