Rain wrapped her arms around herself, rubbing her sides in an attempt to ward off the autumn chill that had settled over the park.

She noticed that everyone else had coats and whatnot.

Not Rain.                            

She had thought it'd be warm and had set out for Central Park wearing jean shorts and a blouse.

It didn't help that the bench she sat on was wet from a quick shower that had occurred in the early hours that morning.

Rain's right knee juddered up and down impatiently. Kyle was always late these days, sleeping in and playing with his girlfriend. She almost had to remind herself that Cassandra didn't exist.


She looked up, surprised to see Kyle standing in front of her.

"Oh, hey!" Rain scooted over to offer him a seat. He frowned at the wet bench. Shrugging, Kyle seated himself next to her without a complaint.

"I'm sorry it took me so long,"

Rain refrained from rolling her eyes. He always said that.

"It's alright," She hugged her arms to her chest again as another cold breeze tousled her hair.


Deep inside Kyle's mind, I observed their interactions disdainfully.  Oh how I hated that girl. Kyle was blind to her revealing blouse, the first four buttons undone, showing the world all her glory.

I gritted my imaginary teeth, balling imaginary fists.

I don't understand why you hate her so much.... Kyle interrupted my actions, erasing them.

Rain was going on about some new movie coming out, her dark curls flying about in the wind. She smiled that perfect smile, her bright blue eyes shining.

Because she's real.... I murmured enviously.

You're real to me....

He was tugging at my emotional heartstrings every time he saw her.

I know he didn't mean to, but that didn't stop the pain.


Kyle, in that moment, went against those four words he had spoken to me and entwined his fingers with Rain's.

I closed my eyes, sinking back into his dreams and thoughts so I wouldn't have to see him falling in love.




The End

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