What Friends are ForMature

I had never felt more alive.

We plunged through the clouds, soaring around flocks of startled birds.

Kyle was having a dream about flying and I had joined him.

There didn’t seem to be a ground in this world, just the sky and the sun and the clouds racing past as we sped through the atmosphere.

He reached out his hand and grabbed mine, startling me out of my reverie. Laughing at me, he pulled me closer. My momentum made me crash into him, sending us spinning wildly in the air.

His strong arms slowed us down.

He held me close, whispering three words that always made me happy.

“I love you,”


We were lying on a blanket of cloud, gazing at one another.

His lips touched mine just as my world faded to black.


Kyle had opened his eyes.


I was trapped again, trapped behind his bright green eyes, a spectator.

A tear trickled down his face, burning his skin with salt.


I wanted to comfort him.


Please don’t cry…..


He wiped the droplet away furiously.


How can I not when you’re there and I’m here…..


Kyle stood, stretching.


But I’m right here…..


He wandered towards the mirror on his closet door.

His light brown hair was sticking up all over the place. I couldn’t help but laugh.


Hey! He thought indignantly.


I merely giggled, watching as he poked at the frazzled mess.

In the back of my mind,

(Did I have a mind? I’d never really thought about that…)

I acknowledged that I had cheered him up.

Isn’t that what imaginary friends are for?


The End

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