After Aidan had finished shuffling his feet and kicking the hay, he finally looked at me.

"I don't even know if you remember," he muttered.

"Remember what?"

"Obviously not." I stared at him, waiting for something else. He managed to keep a good facade up for about three minutes, until he crumbled. "Look. There's a man. Barry and them two work for him." He nudged his head towards the front of the van.

"And I'm associated with him because.......?"

"Him and your mother... They don't like eachother very much."

"Don't? My mother is dead. You mean they didn't."

"No, I don't. Your mother, and father for that matter, are still alive."

"What?! I got told I was an or-"

"Please don't get mad. They probably did think you was an orphan." I looked at him with questioning eyes. He just shook his head. "Him and your mum used to be married." My mouth fell into a small 'o' shape.

"I swear, when I see that woman I'll-"

"Let me speak." My eyes narrowed and I dropped my shoulders.

"Go," I sighed.

"Thank you. See, he's not a very nice man."

"Sorry, just one more thing." He rolled his eyes. "Does 'he' have a name?"

"Yes, but I don't know it. Nobody knows it. Not even Barry. We are just made to call him 'master'. Of course, I refuse to do that. But I think you should."


"You don't need to get into any more trouble. Trust me," he muttered.


"Anyways. He kidnapped your mum, and then set off to find your dad. The police, and you, got told that they were both in a car crash. Correct?" I nodded, forcing the tears back. "Well they wasn't. We're going to see them now."

"So why am I involved?"

"Same reason your dad is. You are a part of Mia's life."

"So everybody in my mum's life is now imprisoned by this paedo?"

"He's not really a paedo. And no, just the important ones. Immediate family, I guess."


"She, uh. She died in there. You know she was ill and.."

"Ya, she was ill! But she could have lived if she was in the hospital, or at home, where she's meant to be! Gawsh!" Tears dribbled down my pale face. An awkward silence filled the air. When I pulled myself together, I spoke again. "Did anybody else die in there?"

"No. Just Adora."

"Ayeee," I moaned. "Eghh."

"We're nearly there. Would you like me to continue?" He asked politely.

"You can be yourself around me. Stop being posh," I mumbled.

"I can't. I don't know why but I just talk like this at times."


"Times when I have to be informative." There was an off note in his voice. My left eyebrow raised, but I left it.

"Why was I on the ground, covered in blood?"

"He tried to capture you, but he realised there was not enough time. At a certain point in the day, something.... happens to him. So he just left you weak enough to stay there, and not be able to move. I'm guessing he injected you with something: you were really drowsy. You was mumbling something about a storm in the sky when I found you. Then you said the sky took over."


"I know. So I used-" His eyes widened and he cut himself off. "I waited until you were.. alive enough, then carried you back to my house."

"You used what?"

"Oh, nothing. So we've come full cir-"

"Tell me. There's something you're hiding from me, and it feels like it's vital. Because somehow, even though you've told me all of this, the puzzle pieces still aren't connecting."

"It's not a puzzle."

"Oh, how so?"

"They have completed the puzzle already. I'm a part of the puzzle. Once a puzzle is completed, it is no longer a puzzle."

"Carry on?"

"No way, that's as much as you're getting." I groaned and the van stopped abruptly.

"I don't care if they've finished the puzzle. I haven't. And I'm not gonna stop until I have."

The End

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