I'm your personal voodoo doll.

There is no planning whatsoever for this, so I apologise if anything goes a bit weird. :D

My mouth tasted of iron as pieces of sharp gravel pressed into my face. My body was stiff, blood was matted in my hair. My eyes flickered open as I tried to scan my surroundings. My vision was still hazy. When the invisible mist had cleared from my eyes, I looked around without moving my body. I didn't recognise anything. I was just surrounded in gravel, and then about fifty metres away there were some trees - probably some type of forest. Where was I?

A tight, steel grip lifted my hands up from behind and twisted them together. My bones were strong, but they felt as if they were going to snap like a twig.

"What?!" I rasped. I gulped, trying to wet my throat.

"Shut up and don't move."

The End

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