Clencher, opening of the book

                My face throbbed as I slowly limbed my way down the street. I wasn’t that surprised that no one would stop or even stare at the bloody boy limping down the side walk, because that is New York City for you. A city full of people who just don’t give a duck.  The sun had just gone down and street lights poured over the cracked cement like water being dumped into an empty pool. The flashing lights of downtown were at my back as I dragged myself further away from that world, and stumbled into a different one. A world that only consisted of me, Arie, and my brother, a place where nothing was wrong in the world, where no one felt pain – besides me when Arie would brush my hair at night – where everyone knew the meaning of love.

                My leg was hurt badly and it tightened up with every step I took, my face and neck covered in my own blood, mostly dripping from my mouth, which I couldn’t feel anymore. Flashes of a fight I could barely remember dissolved back into my mind, most of all the shine of the knife. My hand came up to the corner of my mouth and I let the blood flow onto my finger than slowly let it drop to the sidewalk.  I felt the corner of my mouth and felt the loose skin underneath the blood.  I remembered that when I was little Trav gave me all the comic books he had under his bed, how I loved to read batman the most. I admired the Joker, even if he was insane, because he looked cool with his mouth scared up at the corners. Now though, I didn’t admire him at all, I felt like him. Out of my mind and mouth numb, probably permanently.

                I passed by a shop were a dim light was on, an old man sitting inside reading the paper. He must have seen me stumble into the view of the window because he looked up with lazy eyes. When he saw me his eyes widened, they were a dull gray and looked like old skin had been stretched over his irises. He looked concerned but I knew that is all he would be, his mouth was open in awe. I must have looked like a monster, blood everywhere, limping, cut up. I saw a reflection of myself quickly, my eyes flashed bright blue and my crimson colored blood ran down my jaw from my mouth. I looked harder, I saw the man move in the background, but I focused on my mouth. The skin around my mouth was folded and open, slits on both sides, blood pouring out. I looked away and stared down the dark street. I was a monster at least by the looks of it, now I wasn’t mad for no one stopping to help me I didn’t even blame them, I wouldn’t stop either. I put my hand on the glass and looked into the peering eyes of the old man, who was hiding behind his paper; I could feel his fear pulsing through me like my own blood was on fire. I felt dizzy, like I was going to puke, I started to walk away. I ignored the old man and looked straight ahead, dragging my hand across the glass, creating a smudged bloody handprint, streaking along the entire window until my hand hit the side of the building and fell back to my side.

The End

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