Check UpMature

"Oh, there's a good girl, yes." He slipped the instrument into one of her nostrils, peering through the lens, deciding it better not to comment on the little boogies he saw up there. No need to embarrass her, especially when there was no one to embarrass her in front of. "That one's good," he said, pulling the instrument out then slipping it into the other nostril. "And so is that one. Your nasal passages are clear, so I suppose it's not an upper respiratory problem in your sinuses. We can rule that out." 

After glancing down at the crotch of her panties, he smirked and turned away from her, disposing of the probe cover on the instrument then reaching back into his bag, pulling out a pen light and tongue depressor. "Alright, my sweet Scar, open wide for your Daddy and say 'Ahhh...'"

The End

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