Check UpMature

He blinked, taken a bit off guard by her affectionate action, but his arms willingly came around her, wrapping around her small shoulders and holding her close with a soft smile. His heart warmed and skipped a beat at the kiss to his cheek. "You're more than welcome, my darling girl." Turning his head, he planted a kiss to her temples, rubbing his hand against her hair in a loving caress, almost a scalp massage. 

Pulling an otoscope out of the bag, he slipped a fresh probe cover over the tip and turned back to face her with a smirk. "Alright, love, let's check your ears." He brushed her hair aside, slipping the lighted instrument into her left ear and peering into the magnification lense. "Little bit waxy there. Let's see the other." He moved to the opposite side, slipping it in and checking the right one. 

The End

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