Check UpMature

His brows arched intriguingly. "Mmm, yes, I figured as much, but thank you for showing me your wet spot. That makes you a very good girl." He rubbed her spot a bit faster, harder, keeping eye contact with her the entire time, leaning in a little closer and lowering his tone of voice to a seductive whisper, "I fancy seeing my patients nice and wet before they enter my exam room. It'll also help with your pelvic exam, if you so choose to go that route." Even if she didn't, he would be satisfied with this for the moment. 

Her next question took him a bit by surprise, his brows stitching inquisitively. "Why, little one? Can't breathe now with my fingers on you?" Hyde scowled. "I can't check your nose and throat if you've got the mask on your face. I can put you on a nasal cannula if you like though."

The End

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