Check UpMature

His cock grew harder, if that were possible when he saw her breasts, licking his lips at the hardening of her nipples. "Good girl, very, very good girl. I think those little titties are ready for me and my cold steth as well. Lovely." He was about to give them the needed attention, but froze when she opened her legs to him, showing him her wet spot. His eyes lit up with a grin. "Oh, my, my, my..." With another lick of his lips, he reached out, pressing two fingers flush to the spot, rubbing her slit up and down through her panties, "mmm, have you been wet this whole time, lovey." 

This was to be expected, and if he had to guess, it probably started back at the college when he took out his stethoscope to humiliate her. All in good fun of course. He knew the thought of her being on display and him examining her in front of a crowd of people would drive her wild.  

The End

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