Check UpMature

He stopped and grinned, nodding his head. "Alright, love." He was just about to tell her to strip down, but was delighted when she did it herself. "Oh, you read my mind. Yes, that's a good little girl. Take it all off for Dr. Hyde." Hopefully she will remember to call him by that nickname instead of "Daddy." Not that he ever minded her calling him that. In fact, he loved it, especially when they were out in public, but rules were rules and this was the rule he had created specifically for his "clinic."

Opening up the fridge against the wall, he pulled out one of his colder stethoscopes, the one he had put a tag on with the words: "For Scar." Turning away from the fridge, he draped it over his shoulders and walked over to the gurney, standing in front of her. Looking down at her, he slipped his finger beneath one of her bra straps, giving it a tug. "Bra is going to have to come off too, darling. I've got to get to all your valves."

The End

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