Check UpMature

Hyde was also happy she had removed her heels, knowing she would easily take a bad tumble down the stairs if she didn't, and that was the last thing he wanted. Still, it didn't stop him from keeping a close watch on her. His excitement was growing the closer they got to the bottom, and when they both did, his heart jumped for joy seeing the happiness on Scarletta's face. What had happened at the college was behind them now, and they could finally go back to normal. Least he was hoping so. He flipped on the light switch, the florescent lights flooding the area. 

"Would my little Scar prefer a gown, or are you alright with stripping down to your knickers?" He inquired, walking past the gurney to the counter running along the right wall, just in case she should want the garment. Better to ask. 

The End

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