The bright smile returned to Hyde's face as he nodded his head. "Basement it is then," he said, though not surprised that she would choose it over the other room, even if it was a bit chillier. "And you're right, there is more fun to be had down there." He gave her hand a squeeze right back, lifting it to his lips and pressing a kiss to the back of it. Leaning in, he planted a kiss to her cheek, flashing her another smile then tugging her in the direction of the basement, around the corner from the staircase. 

Letting go of her hand, he stepped towards the basement door, pulling it open and reaching an arm inside, flipping on the stairwell light. A bare bulb blinked on and he stepped back, looking over at her and gesturing her to go ahead of him with a wave of his arm. "After you, lovey. Down you go." 

The End

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