"Basement. There's more fun to be had down there." she grinned, eyes twinkling. She knew that he had more supplies down in the basement, having been there multiple times for check-ups and just for fun with him. She squeezed his hand excitedly, eager to go down the stairs she knew so well and lay upon the gurney. To feel his hands all over her, checking her pulse, getting her strapped into the many machines, making her feel more aroused with every touch and every sensation.

She felt her panties getting wetter, so she neatly crossed her legs and looked up to Hyde with a sweet smile. She'd been told by others that she could have been a model in old fashioned ads and magazines, but she'd never really believed it. To her, she was just a girl with a strange mind, a slight pudge (no matter how healthy Daddy's meal plan was, she was always a little big for her height), and a very loving Daddy.

The End

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