Home At LastMature

"Well, you know how I have my apartment uptown, but I'm never in it, and all of my important things are here, with you?" A ball of nervousness rose in her throat, and she looked down at her slippers. She hadn't prepared completely to ask to live with him, and she was very nervous about what he'd say. She hoped that he wouldn't say no, or laugh and call her 'silly' she couldn't stand the thought of going back to sleeping all alone in her empty apartment, in a cold bed that made tears prick up in her eyes at the thought of it and how lonely she'd been.

"Well, I was wondering..can I just get rid of that apartment and..and move in here, with you? I feel so much happier here, Daddy." she said, and tears began to prick up in her nervousness. She just wanted to be close and happy with her Daddy, and the thought that he would reject her idea was scary to her.

The End

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