Home At LastMature

         He scowled when she told him it was still ailing her. "Well you certainly could have fooled me. You've been such a good girl and a trooper through it all." He offered her a small smile, his heart skipping a beat at her nuzzle. "I'm delighted that my presence has such a medicinal effect upon you." Unbuckling his seatbelt, he removed the keys from the ignition and followed suit, getting out of the car and after locking up, walking alongside her to the manor door.

       "Yes, I have no doubt," he agreed with a grin. "You always love my little exams. Whether they are part of your training or not." While he might not give her a full examination from top to bottom everyday, he did require her to let him check her vitals twice a day. When she  awoke and before she went to bed. And that collar round her neck didn't have a built in heart rate monitor for nothing. He wanted to make sure she was alive and well...at all times.

The End

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