A Bit of PlayMature

Scarletta giggled. She knew that her little meal was him making up for what he'd done at the college. She couldn't deny that it had sent a good shiver up her spine, watching him defend her like that, but his actions were still extremely rude. She didn't show her irritation with him outwardly though, knowing that it was silly to. It had happened, and now it was in their past. Besides, that class wasn't very fun anyway.

She curled up against his side, leaning her head on his chest and sighing gently. She was warm and happy, cuddled up against him, and all she wanted was to just be there forever. She knew she couldn't though, as the car made its way closer and closer to Hyde's (and, while not official yet (her clothes and such were there, but most of her other belongings were still at her apartment uptown)), her home.

The End

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