A Bit of PlayMature

         "Good girl," he remarked. "Lets consider this as a bit of a reward, or an apology of sorts, your Daddy making up for both embarrassing and getting you kicked out of class." He knew that a happy meal or a cup of hot cocoa wasn't going to make up for what he did, but it was a start. It wasn't until he glanced down at the crotch of his trousers that he realized just how hard he actually was. "You know I do, my sweet Scar. I suppose your stething got my Willie up more than I anticipated."

            He knew that she was a good enough little girl not to touch him while he was driving, for fear of what might happen to them if she did. He had to silently commend her for that. When he heard her rifling through the bag, he smiled. "What did you get in there, little one?" He cooed, as if he were speaking to a child, and in a way, he was. He gasped softly, his eyes lighting up with a smile.  "Oh, look at that! How cute! Cute little toy for my cute little girl."

The End

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