A Bit of PlayMature

Scarletta removed an earpiece to listen to him properly, and giggled. "Yes, Daddy. I understand." Then she noticed that he was hard and gave him a little grin. "I see that Daddy likes it when I listen to his heart, just like I like it when he listens to mine." she cooed, resisting the urge to touch it through his trousers. She'd read news stories about people who gave oral or stroked their partners while driving, and it most cases it ended with crashes or the police. Neither option seemed worth it.

Instead, she went through her bag and removed the toy that came with her food: a little Hello Kitty hair clip. A naughty thought of placing it secretly in Daddy's hair made her giggle inside, but she decided against it. Daddy wouldn't like it much. Instead, she slipped it into her own curls with a little smile.

The End

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