A Bit Of PlayMature

       It made him hard to think that she was still listening to the sound of his heart, and would continue to until he removed the stethoscope from her ears. His deep breaths didn't stop. He pretended as if he were in an exam room and she was the doctor auscultating him, a very cute and pretty little doctor. Hyde chuckled at the look he got from the clerk at the window, "sorry, love. My little one fancies listening to my little heart, even in the car." He gave the woman a wink.

        He was relieved when they got their food and were on the road again, glancing over at her with a smirk. "Taste good, love?" It was a rhetorical question because he assumed it was, even if fast food wasn't his thing. "Just a bit of a reminder, darling, this is the only day I'm making an exception for you breaking the healthy meal plan I've laid out for you. Tomorrow, we go back to normal. Understand?"

The End

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