A Bit of PlayMature

         Hyde was a little disappointed that the disc of the stethoscope was no longer as cold as it had originally been, after being on her warm chest for so long, but he tried not to let it bother him too much. He sighed softly and smiled down at her, obeying her command and taking a deep breath, in and out. For a moment, he assumed she was mocking him, but then again, she learned from the best, didn't she? And Dr. Hyde certainly was the best at his job. As she listened, he took a couple more deep breaths, leaning his head back against the head rest and shutting his eyes.

         He was content to stay that way, so much so that he didn't even realize the vehicle in front of them had moved up until his little Scar informed him of it. Opening his eyes, he cursed himself and moved up. "Bloody hell." He gave her hand a squeeze as they reached the intercom and placed his order for her happy meal, telling them it was for a girl when asked, ordering himself a soft drink and her a hot chocolate, pulling up in line shortly after.

The End

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