A Bit of PlayMature

       His eyes lit up at her question. "You want a full examination?" He giggled softly in delight before planting a kiss to the top of her head. "Why of course, my darling. I would be glad to give you a full head to toe. That is what you want me to do, isn't it?" Looking down at her, he gave her a wink. "Top to bottom? Inside that little pussy and out?" Even if her symptoms were mostly in her sinus and possibly her precious lungs, any excuse he got to examine her holy grail, he would take it. In more ways than one. 

       He glanced down at her leg, watching her fingers tapping against it, wondering whether she was impatient or simply couldn't get a particular tune out of her head, unbeknownst to him that that tune was her little heart. The car ahead of them moved up, and Hyde pulled forward, only one person ahead of them now. Looking back down at Scar, he smirked, spreading open the unbuttoned part at the top of his shirt. You can listen to your Daddy's heart too if you like. I don't mind." 

The End

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