A Bit of PlayMature

         He laughed lightly. "Like music?" He nodded his head. "It is music. Music to my ears, when I've got my favorite steth in them, and that freezing cold disc on that pale little chest of yours." He gave her hand a squeeze as he lifted it to his mouth, pressing his lips to her knuckles and turning his head to plant a kiss to the top of her own. A moment of quiet fell between them as he sat there waiting for the cars.

        "Hmm?" He looked down at Scarlett, sighing softly and pulling the stethoscope from her ears so she could hear him better, "well, love, I'd like to have a look at your throat, finish listening to your lungs," he lifted his hand to her throat, probing the skin beneath her chin, "feel these little glands, make sure they aren't swollen, and have a look at your sinuses, nose, ears, that's about it. Unless you've got more pain somewhere else other than your upper respiratory system. And if you do, you'd better tell me." 

The End

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