A Bit Of PlayMature

         He glanced over at her, smiling to himself happily as he watched her explore the contents of the bag, and be so careful with his things. Even though she might not inwardly think so, he was proud to call her his submissive, his pet, his little girl. She gave him less problems than the last one did, and a well-trained and obedient sub was always a good thing. Despite that, he still got a bit hard punishing her every now and then, taking her over his knee and making her arse nice and rosy. He wasn't surprised when he saw her pull out the stethoscope. In fact, he chuckled softly. "I knew you would go for that one." He tried as he might to keep his focus on the road ahead, but desperately wanted to stare and admire her playtime with one of his steths.

         Hyde took a risk and did both, focusing just a little more on her than the road. The sight of her tapping out her beats didn't go unnoticed to him. He giggled. "And how do you sound, my dear? How's that little pump doing in there?" He slowed the car and turned right, pulling into the McDonalds drive thru and slowing to a stop behind two cars. 

The End

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