A Bit of PlayMature

Scarletta shuffled through the bag carefully, gentle as a lamb as she tried not to hurt any of her Daddy's toys. She got out a stethoscope, not the one she liked best, but one she liked very much. She placed the eartips into her ears, then slipped the chestpiece down through the top of her dress and pressed it against her heart. The cold of the metal sent a shiver up her spine, and she smiled as she heard the gentle thump of her heartbeat flow up into her ears. She tapped out its rhythm on her thigh, inwardly hooking the beats together to see if anything musical could come out of them.

She wanted to use the oxygen mask too, but she felt safer doing that at home. Those tanks could catch on fire if one wasn't careful with them, so she felt more at ease if it was done at home, rather than in the car. She liked the oxygen better than the nitrous, the oxygen let her enjoy it more rather than giggling like a hyena like she did on nitrous.

The End

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