Peace and QuietMature

         His heart jumped for joy and his dark eyes lit up with a bright smile at her sudden excitement to play. While he had heard the phrase, "these aren't toys," numerous times before, from those who didn't dabble in the BDSM, nor the med fetish lifestyle, it was him who had deemed them toys. Not only for his own pleasure, but the pleasure of his girls as well. He had a lot of medical equipment and not just in his car in case of emergencies, but in the manor.  As long as he could keep an eye on Scarlett and supervise her as she played with his "toys," he knew he had nothing to worry about.

           He turned his head to plant a kiss to the top of her head, giving her hand a squeeze before pulling away. "Alright then. Watch out, love," he said, turning to reach behind her seat and pull out his big black doctor bag, setting it between the seats. "Here you are, go wild little one. See what you find in there. There's a tank of oxygen and nitrous oxide back there as well." 

The End

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