Peace and QuietMature

"Let's do it at home." she said, resigning herself to her fate, and getting into the car. She curled up in her jacket, thinking. Honestly, she hadn't really enjoyed the class, but she'd wanted to do it. Hyde was so smart, and sometimes, she felt like she couldn't match up to his intelligence. That, and her own want for a bit of independence, was why she had taken the class in the first place. She wanted to feel like she could get on Hyde's level in terms of intelligence.

But now, she felt stupider than ever, and a wave of sadness washed over her. She didn't let it show, however. She'd worried Hyde enough for one day, so she bottled up her emotions and sat beside him, listening to the music on the radio and trying to keep herself calm, even as her irritation with herself for worrying Hyde in the first place became mixed with self-loathing for being such an irritating little pet.

The End

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