Peace and QuietMature

Scarletta took Hyde's hand as she walked, coughing slightly less now that things had calmed down. "Well..I don't think I'll be allowed back." she said, putting on her jacket as they went outside. "I think that incident just got me kicked out." she added, not sounding too horribly concerned about her education  being stopped by the actions of her Dom.

She was in a strange halfway point right now. He'd reacted with anger, and she was angry about this, but he'd also done it to defend her honor, and she felt happy about that. "I'm going into my little room when we get home. I need to calm down."

When she'd moved in with Hyde, they'd agreed to put a little side room into his house for days when she wanted to be a bit of a baby. While those days were few and far between, she still liked to go into the room and rest there whenever she was nervous or weary. It gave her a small sense of peace and quiet to sit in the room.

The End

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