Daddy's Been BadMature

          It was easier said than done for Hyde simply to let the hostile little twits go, let alone let go of the fact that they had hurt his sweet baby girl. Once someone got his blood boiling and got him to snap, things were going to take a shit dive, and he wouldn't give a bloody fuck what anyone thought of him. All that mattered was that Scarlett was happy again. They wanted to make her shed tears, he would beat the piss out of them until he got tears right back. Motherfuckers! Hyde growled in debate as people attempted to pull him off the little cunts. He resembled that of a bull in heat, his face red, heart pounding, growls continuing to rumble through his chest. He didn't even pay any mind to Scarlett squeezing his hand. "Shut up, little one! Stay out of this! These cunts are better off if they learn their lesson!"

        The moment he heard Scar's coughs, Hyde relaxed and put his focus back on her almost immediately, forcefully shrugging off the male students who still had a hold on him. "Little one?" His brows stitched in concern. "Little one, you alright?" He looked back at the teacher, the man clearly not pleased with him and the violent scene he had just created. Exhaling sharply, he tugged at the lapels of his lab coat, adjusting the stethoscope around his neck and squaring his shoulders. "Gladly." 

         He glanced back at his little Scar as she spoke up, smiling to himself briefly and reaching out to give her back a reassuring rub, his arm going around her shoulders right after. He leaned in to whisper, "damn right you do." He shot another glare at the professor and the students around him before following Scar to the door. "Let's get the bloody piss out of here." Stopping in the doorway, he turned back to the professor, "good luck dealing with those inconsiderate little cunts."

The End

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