Vengeance of HydeMature

Students rose up to grab him and yank him away from the girls, trying to hold him back, and Scarletta rushed up to him. "Daddy, please, these girls are not worth you getting in trouble!" she insisted, taking his hand and squeezing it. "It was mean, yes, but getting revenge is not worth you getting kicked out or worse! Please, stop!" she begged, coughing into her handkerchief, harder from the stress of the situation.

The professor finally showed some backbone and spoke. "Doctor, I will not accept violence against my students in my classroom." He barked out, glaring at Hyde. "Get out."

"If he leaves, I go with him!" Scarletta argued, and meant it.

"An acceptable loss." the professor seemed to almost shrug as he walked back to the blackboard.

A ball of her own anger began forming, but instead of lashing out as Hyde had done, she went to the door and waited, fists tightening and untightening around the strap of her purse.

The End

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